A shared vision of designing well thought out homes

Arli Homes is a collaboration of different minds. Everyone brings their extensive experience and expertise of planning, architecture, interior design and construction to bring you an architecturally designed home with practical configurations at a cost-effective price.


Arli is a family-owned business and has over 15 years experience creating and building homes in Melbourne’s design and construction industry. 

Our like-minded team has expertise in planning, architecture, interior design and construction. We combine our strengths and common vision with architects and interior designers DKO to bring a wealth of knowledge, functionality and creativity into your new home. 

Arli’s unique homes are well thought out and considers the homeowner and their living situations. We consider every detail as we want your home to stand the test of time and be enjoyed now and for generations to come.


DKO is a multidisciplinary team of more than 200 professionals working across six offices in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. 

Their extensive experience in multi-residential, commercial and high-end projects brings a considered and sophisticated style to Arli’s home interiors. 

DKO believes in never losing sight of the fundamental quality that connects all great interior design – people. Through human understanding, they design spaces that shape people’s lives. 

Their research is the foundation to designing spaces that are fit for purpose and they place importance on the use of natural materials and the environment in their designs.


Ian believes a home should reflect who we are, how we live and be a place of comfort to relax with family and friends. 

With over two decades of international architectural expertise and a background in visual arts and construction, Ian combines his technical and creative skills to design Arli’s homes with form and function. 

His practice places people at the heart of every home design, by understanding their aspirations, the lives they lead and who they are. His philosophy of simple, practical and timeless design is perfectly aligned with Arli’s purpose.

Arli brings together experts to build a well designed and affordable home that works for your lifestyle.

See how Arli’s architectural and design thinking comes together in our home designs.

Architecturally designed homes for an affordable price.

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