Arli sits between a custom builder and a volume builder


Our homes are designed by leading architects, DKO, so you get the very best in high quality design with the considered details you only see in an architectural home.

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We offer all the finishes and details you get when an architect designs your home but with a volume builder price tag.

We include high quality materials as standard and we use years of experience and clever thinking to make sure your home is truly affordable.

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Custom Builder

Designed by an architect

Arli Homes

Designed by an architect

Volume Builder

Designed by a draftsperson

Facade design

An architect spends considerable time working out the best design that suits the client and their specific block.

DKO Architecture designs a home that is unique, modern and looks distinctive in any streetscape.

A draftsperson works to a set price, the design is secondary. A modern façade designed by a draftsperson would be an upgrade.


A bespoke design by an architect to match the specific taste, needs, site specifications and budget of their clients.

Arli collaborates with architects at DKO Architecture to cleverly design a home with consideration to flow, circulation, natural light and with no wasted space.

A draftsperson designs for a set price and the spaces are considered based on the build cost not the design and flow.

Home price
per square

$30k – $40k

$12k – $15k

$12k – $15k

Colour palettes

An architect works with their client to capture the interior look and feel based on their specific requirements, personality and taste.

The interior colour palettes are carefully curated by an architect and interior designer to work seamlessness together. It’s quick and easy for clients to choose.

Clients have an enormous choice of colours and surfaces but it’s overwhelming with limited time to choose and with no curated themes to help them.


The construction can be more expensive and take longer due to unknowns and client changes. An innovative architectural design can be more complicated to build.

Construction is quick due to the design consideration for easy accessibility of materials, construction techniques, volume buying capabilities and quality and precise workmanship.

Construction is designed to be built quickly and as cheap as possible to make a profit. The focus is affordability and the look and feel is secondary.

Quality inclusions

An architect chooses quality inclusions to match their client’s style and budget. They choose inclusions to suit the aesthetics of the home and the taste of the client.

Leveraging their expertise the interior designers at DKO Architecture have curated a bespoke range of quality inclusions that suit the architectural aesthetics of the home. The result is a high-end design at an affordable price.

Clients can pick and choose from a large range of inclusions but they don’t know what the end result is going to look like. The experience can be quite overwhelming and difficult with costly upgrades to achieve the look you want.

Display home

No display home is available as each home is designed specifically for the client. This makes it difficult to visualise the spaces and experience the flow, light and liveability.

Each display home provides a real experience and feeling of living in an Arli home. All the premium quality inclusions in the homes are standard with only a few as optional upgrades.

The display homes contain all the upgrade inclusions and it’s difficult to experience what the home will really feel like if a client only wants the standard inclusions in their future home.

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HIA Victorian
Housing Awards

Our design recognition in the building industry

Ayla 31

Winner 2021
HIA Victorian Housing Awards
Best Display Home

Zuri 36

Winner 2021
HIA Victorian Housing Awards
Best Display Home

Mila 29

Finalist 2021 | Winner 2022
HIA Victorian Housing Awards
Best Display Home

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