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Introducing Arli Electra.
All-electric, energy-efficient architectural homes.


Architectural homes that don’t cost the earth

Want to build your dream home with a builder leading the way in sustainability? Arli Electra will tick all your boxes.

Two options to upgrade your home with Arli Electra

Want an energy-efficient home that delivers architectural living, lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint?

Arli Electra features

Pack 1

Pack 2

Ducted heating and cooling

Zoned heating and cooling solution for year-round comfort with a Samsung electric ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling.

Solar hot water

Fully electric Rinnai Sunmaster electric solar hot water system with 315 litre tank.

Three phase power

3 phase power instead of single-phase power delivers a consistent load and better performance for reduced reliance on the grid and lower bills.

Solar panels and inverter

Generate free renewable energy and save on energy bills with 6.4kw Jinko panels and a 5G 5kw Solis inverter.

LED downlight

Energy-efficient LED downlights throughout the home in lieu of battens to reduce energy consumption and save on energy bills.

Save thousands on our sustainable Electra packs

The cost of Arli Electra will depend on the home design you choose. View pricing using our home estimator.

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All-electric homes. Better for you, better for the planet.

Efficient climate control

Experience year-round comfort and sustainable living in a home designed to enhance your wellbeing.

You’ll be cool in summer and warm in winter with smart, energy-efficient electric appliances that are cheaper to run, lovely to live in and healthier for your family.

Save 65% on energy bills

Be a champion in the transition to renewable energy. You’ll lower your cost of living, help the environment and never get a gas bill again.

A 6.4kW solar system generates about 25kWh of power per day in Melbourne. At 25 cents/kWh, you’ll save up to 65%* on your energy bills each year.

Help the planet

You can make a difference in the climate crisis. A solar system on your home that generates 25kWh would save around 30kg of CO2 emissions a day*. That’s a saving of 10 tonnes of CO2 in a year, the equivalent of 2.5 less cars on the road.

Future-proof your home

Australia must reduce reliance on fossil fuels to meet future net-zero targets. If gas is phased out, you’ll be future-ready and you won’t need to undertake expensive rework.

* This is a typical family usage statistics of two adults and two children living in Victoria. Results can vary due to usage patterns, house design, orientation of your bock etc. Statistics were obtained from an actual family living in Melbourne.

Clever design for less waste

We design spaces in our homes to get the most out of every length of timber and slab of stone. Minimising left over materials means savings for you and the environment.

We recycle 95% of construction waste

In partnership with Jobsite Recyclers, we turn leftover rubble, timber and polystyrene into tomorrow’s crushed rock, mulch and packaging.

Arli’s green thinking. Helping you and the environment.

Sustainability is part of our DNA. Arli Homes choose eco-friendly suppliers and have these environmental features as standard inclusions in every Arli Home.

Interior features
Low VOC paints

Dulux water-based paints are better for you and the environment.

LED downlights

We use IC4 coverable downlights which maintain insulation integrity.

Water saving fittings

5-star basin mixers, 4-star kitchen and laundry mixers and 3-star shower heads.

Solar hot water

Reliable, energy-efficient hot water that uses the sun’s natural energy.


Premium batts and foil wrap insulate external walls and reduce heat loss and gain by up to 25%.

Smeg appliances

Functional and sustainable induction cooktops and ovens are standard.

Sustainable design

Architects consider natural ventilation and cross-flow of breezes.

Waffle slab

Waffle slabs have excellent energy efficiency plus use less concrete in construction.

Recycled water

Water mains use recycled water for toilets and washing machines.

Wool carpet

We use natural, sustainable, luxurious wool carpets in every Arli home.

Exterior features
Double glazing

Insulates against noise, heat and cold while reducing energy bills.


Electricity-free roof ventilation extracts excess heat from roof spaces.

Polystyrene cladding

Up to 150mm thick cladding on front elevations increasing energy efficiency.

Timber cladding

We use sustainable shiplap cladding in all of our homes.

Timber frames

Timber frames are cheaper, faster and more sustainable than steel frames. All pine is sustainably sourced

Colorbond Roof

We include Reflective Sarking to insulate roof and reduce heat loss and gain by up to 25%.


We build with a range of energy-efficient, sustainable bricks.

Weather seals

External hinged doors and garage doors have seals to protect you from the elements.

Need help comparing builders?

We know that one of the hardest parts of choosing a builder is trying to work out what each home includes. So, we’ve made it easier with our comparison checklist.

Trees for tomorrow


trees planted so far

We offset our carbon emissions by supporting Australian reforestation projects.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of building an all-electric home?

With the right energy-efficient appliances installed, all-electric homes can have lower energy bills than homes that use gas, plus they can be more comfortable, safer, and better for the environment.

How can I build an energy-efficient house in Melbourne?

Try to choose a home builder that cares deeply about sustainability and the environment. Check that they have considered natural light, ventilation, insulation, double glazing, solar, and energy-efficient appliances and lighting. If you’re interested in building an energy-efficient house in Melbourne, contact us now to discuss.

What is sustainable building?

Sustainable building (also known as an eco-building, green building or energy-efficient building) means choosing materials and features that help the occupants have the least impact on the environment over the lifespan of the building. Building an all-electric home is one of the best ways to achieve a sustainable building.

What our clients are saying about…

Arli’s transparent pricing

“The pricing was transparent whereas other builders were quoting us something which was so much further away from the end result once upgrades and changes were made.”

James Russell

Arli’s inclusions

“The homes are beautiful and unique, all of the standard inclusions are of such high quality which is not what you get with other builders.”

Stephanie Guillen

Arli’s customer care

“We had a wonderful experience with Arli. They offered us an abundance of time through multiple zooms, phone calls and emails. They were always professional, honest and open and we felt they met all of our needs as customers.”

Cate O’Keefe

Ready to take the next step in sustainable living?

Imagine waking up to sun-filled spaces, knowing your home is powered by renewable energy.

You’ll know you’re keeping your impact on the environment low and your energy bills even lower.

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